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The origin of the Big Project

Years after I first had a conversation with my brother, the “Big Project” is becoming a true story. 

I’ve always enjoyed travelling, because my biggest passion of all is talking. I love to chat, whether it be with my family and friends, random people on the street, on public transport, in airports, on the beach, on a football pitch. I love exchanging random thoughts, rants, even philosophical points of views on night buses! 

So when I realised that being an osteopath was about, amongst other things, mainly talking to many different people throughout the day, I knew it was a profession I would enjoy. I guess the first of many conversations with my brother was back in 2002, when I first started studying osteopathy and soft tissue techniques (otherwise known as massage).

At the time, I was hesitating between becoming France’s next national football team osteopath (and get by hands on Thierry Henry) or emigrating to New Zealand to practice there. I told my brother I would love to take some time off to travel the world, but I wouldn’t just want to be a tourist, or on a world-wide-binge-drinking-tour… and he suggested “well I’ve met guys who were going round the world to look for different types of drugs, so why don’t you go round the world learning different types of massages?” He’d just been back from a trip in Asia himself, and had benefitted from the locals’ techniques. 

What a fantastic idea! I started having a look round, where was what, continuing my studies in London, only to realise that as I enjoyed massage, osteopathy was really what I enjoyed most. I started some researching other forms of “osteopathy” in other countries, and realised that many medical philosophies were based on similar principles. Moreover, certain techniques seemed very similar (for those who know: METs, HVLATs especially) Now, it became clearer: I should travel the world seeking osteopathy-like techniques!!!!!


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