One more sleep

I’m excited! This time tomorrow, I’ll be on the plane!

After purchasing over 300 € (£230) worth of medication, I feel ready to leave. Also because I can’t afford anymore expenses… This week I bought a travel towel that dries super quickly, a thin-but -warm fleece, long light cotton trousers that unzip into shorts, and my malarial tablets. I have been pondering whether to get some, but my super cool doctor decided for me. He says it’s worth the money, especially in the Northern parts of Thailand at the end of the wet season (October). I couldn’t agree more.

Here is now the official list of the contents of my backpack. I will keep you updated on what I use, send back, regret packing or obviously forgot. I have visited a lot of blogs, websites and forums over the last few months, to see what others were packing, so my list is now added to the mumble-jumble of the web and I hope it can help others planning trips like mine.

– 1 pair of jeans (old and rugged, ready to be left somewhere – I am told they can be annoying as they don’t dry fast enough! I love my jeans, so I’ll just see how it goes and dump them somewhere if not practical),
– 1 pair of light cotton trousers (that double up into shorts and make me look like an 1920s explorer)
– 1 fleece (for the flight, because it’s always freezing on planes and I don’t want to be cold during the night in Northern Thailand)
– 2 tshirts, 2 vest tops, 1 long-sleeved tshirt,
– 1 pair of shorts (for sleeping or sports),
– Enough underwear,
– Shoes: hiking, bright yellow trainers (yep, they’re coming with me), plastic flip-flops (that I can shower with if necessary),
– 1 pair of long-haul flight support tights (actually, still debating whether they’re worth the hassle. I actually won’t be flying all that much, and they’ll just end up being bulky. My vein-doctor says they are also handy during long bus, train or car rides),
– the oldest bikini in the world (desperately need to get a new one, after mine got badly discolorated due to an overenthusiastic pool owner scared of a potential algal bloom in his beloved swimming puddle),
– First Aid Kit (with anti-malarial for 2 months (approximately worth an arm and a leg), anti-diarrhoeal medication – for Dehli Belly and its local equivalent -, anti-constipation (for the extreme rice intake), antispamodics, antibiotics, mosquitoe repellent, motion sickness medication and everything needed for small cuts, bleeds and scratches)
– Toiletries: travel towel, toothbrush (with cover, thanks for the tip Harry), toothpaste, comb, mooncup, soap, small bottle shampoo (because I won’t need much), razor, Nivea all-over moisturizer (to smell like my Grandma), nail scissors, tweezers, earplugs,
– Random: photocopies of travel documents (actually it’s all electronic, so can’t lose them!), passport, driving license, CV (plus electronic copy of the above sent to myself by email), ziploc bags of varying sizes, small pocket knife, toothpicks, duct tape, charger for camera, digital alarm clock, ipod USB charger, 2 blank DVDs for burning photos, combination lock,
– Bolivian handbag my brother got me from his travels (actually a camera bag in disguise) with SLR camera and its protective scarf, change purse, ipod full of great music with new sturdy headphones,
– money belt: passport, cash, credit cards, SD cards.

So I think I’m ready. I haven’t packed my trusted backpack yet, but it doesn’t look like much when spread out on my bed at my parents’ house. Hopefully it should weigh less than 10kg, and ideally about 8kg. I had gone to India with 7kg at the beginning of the year, but I don’t think I’ll manage to beat that.

For now, I just need to make sure I get some sleep tonight, and play it cool, real cool.


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