Advanced Thai Massage and Loi Krathong

Now I have a new visa for Thailand, I am free to roam… So my first task is following an Advanced Massage Course at the Sunshine School in Chiang Mai (Northern Thailand).

I am being taught by a great teacher, who has studied with the masters of Thai Massage and has a very successful established practise in London, Thailand and all over the world.  Patients you may have heard of  include Thierry Henry, Madonna and the Queen Elizabeth II.
We are a class of 6, all from different backgrounds, differents countries and different approach, but everyone can speak English and is very motivated to learn Thai Massage. We learn a lot of different techniques, from toes to head, via the abdomen. It’s very interesting. I am getting answers to my many questions.
I am asking about the theory behind the Eastern way, the reason for each technique, background information, extra anatomical landmarks and importantly about “Magic Hands”…

A Mother and her son setting off a Lantern

A Mother and her son setting off a Lantern

What is also very exciting is the festival that is going on in Chiang Mai and Buddhist Thailand at the moment, called Loi Krathong. It celebrates the 12th full moon of the year (which will be tomorrow). It is a chance to celebrate light, life and… food!
Everyone makes “Krathong” which are little floaty things made from banana tree trunk, banana leaves, flowers that form a basket. Inside are placed 3 incense sticks, a candle and a coin. These are lit and let to float on the river.
If the Krathong capsizes, you will have bad luck the following year (unless you make more, until one floats correctly). If it meets and bumps into someone else’s, who will find your soulmate. If it comes back towards you,  there is something on your mind that should be said or something should be done.
Finally, if it floats away happily, you are blessed by the Gods.

I have made my Krathong, and I will be going to the river tonight to place it on the river Ping and see what my fortune is. I still have tomorrow and the day after to get busy and make other Krathongs to change my fate.

My Krathong!

My Krathong!

My Krathong on the water!

My Krathong on the water!



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3 responses to “Advanced Thai Massage and Loi Krathong

  1. Claire

    C’est tres joli.
    A force de lire ton blog, je ressens de plus en plus le besoin d’un bon massage !

  2. Mum

    The moon is full here too, so I’m going to make a krathong (what about a large ivy leaf with a pink hydrangea head?) and place it on the Seine River with my best wishes for you.

  3. POM

    Ton blog et tes photos ont étét bien appréciés à ANGRES ce dernier week end.
    “ILS” vont bien bien quoique de plus en plus courbés par l’âge et la sciatique, il est vrai que leur osthéopathe préférée est bien loin pour leur apporter soulagement: “ils “en auraient bien besoin !!
    Courage pour la suite: ça ne doit pas être drôle de se faire triturer à longueur de jour !!
    Bises de Courtenay (Loiret – France)

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