Home, sweet home

It has been a month since I touched down in Charles de Gaulle Airport, and I have been very busy since… I was back at work 4 days after, so I had many boring administrative stuff to do.

Work is great – I really appreciate getting so many patients so quickly, and I am able to already notice that my way of treating is different.
When patients arrive, I first take a case history based on the questions I learnt at University. But even this has changed. I ask more questions, on different things. I link up body parts and organs using other ideas, I come up with creative questioning and more often than not my patients reply “oh yes I forgot to tell you about this” or “how did you know I had that” etc.
The diagnosis I make following my examination is basically the same – I am an osteopath and use osteopathic diagnostic tools combined with the allopathic way.

And then the time for treatment arrives, and there is where most of the change has occured. Sure, I still use harmonics, specific mobilisations, and manipulation techniques; but here and there I use some acupressure on specific points, or I work along the energy lines, and even use Chinese type percussion at the end of my treatments (some say it feels like I am beating them up, but it seems to decrease the treatment reaction).
Importantly, I don’t feel drained after a day’s work anymore. I don’t get my patients symptoms either (very often, I would finish the day with a headache, a bad back and a sore knee depending on what I had treated)

And then there is everything else. I feel so happy – seeing my family, spending time with my friends and being surrounded with familiar things. I can speak the language, I don’t get stared at and I can eat as much cheese as I want… really basic, but so important to me!

I also have a great sense of achievement, as I have completed my Big Project. I made the most of my time, and learnt some great things!
I am continuing to meditate and do Tai Chi here in France, and have looked into the Buddhist centres to meet some people, do a silent retreat in October and find the same style of Tai Chi taught somewhere in Paris.
I am also looking for a flat in Paris, but taking my time as I am made warmly welcome at my parents’.

I feel very priviledged to have undertaken this big trip, glad to be back in France, happy to work in Fontainebleau, delighted to be surrounded by those I love and very, very lucky.

I did get a reverse culture shock though, and flushing the toilet with drinking water still gets to me.

I am thinking about my next Big Thing, and some ideas are:
– teaching in a school of osteopathy in or around Paris,
– researching traditional therapy in South America and therefore brushing up on my Spanish,
– learning to sign French Sign Language,
– playing Tennis.

Not bad eh? For now, I am focusing on working in Fontainebleau, finding a flat in Paris and getting back into the swing of things.

A big Thank You to all of you for your readership and your supportive comments during my trip.

I will continue to update the blog when interesting stuff comes up!


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One response to “Home, sweet home

  1. Welcome back!
    Enfin presque… j’ai super hâte de te revoir.
    Gros bisous

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