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Newsletter and RSS

For those who cannot deal with an RSS feed, feel free to join the e-mail newsletter. With a maximum of one mail a day, each day that I will update the blog. Feedblitz who is kindly doing this will not keep your email for any other purpose. Yipee. It’s been quite an experience making that little link appear actually. Much more difficult than expected.

Otherwise, when you know how, the RSS is easy to set up within your browser, or my clicking on “Entries RSS” which is located under the subtitle “Meta” on the right side of the page.

I personally like the newsletter better, as email will always be more reliable than RSS (especially for those accessing this on work computer)(I don’t encourage this kind of attitude, but I support it), therefore I will be personally “volunteering” email addresses to add to the Newsletter, of course you will be sent an email asking you whether you really do want to receive these updates. I will hardly get upset if you say no.

Hope you enjoy the read…



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