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October 2008

– Diploma in Traditional Thai Massage at the Wat Po Traditional Medical School of Bangkok, Thailand.

– Training with Baaw, a master of Thai Massage mixed with Chinese acupressure. His practice is a mix, taught to him by his Dad, who is half Chinese, and half Thai. His family have a tradition of health and healing in both China and Thailand. He also uses plants in his massage oils, or prescribes them for his clients to use orally.


– Time off in Laos, receiving traditional Lao massage, which resembles Thai without the high amplitude stretches and thrusts. Lao massage is a family traditional, formal educational structures are rare. Ventiane, the capital city, offers some training.

– Diploma in Advanced Traditional Thai Yoga Massage, at the Sunshine School in Chiang Mai. This Northern style massage focuses on the lower limbs, and is called “lazy man’s yoga” as many of the techniques resemble yoga postures.

– Diploma in Chi Nei Tsang, at the Sunshine School. This is a Chinese technique, a form of applied Chi/Xi Gong to the abdomen. The basic principle is to shift the Chi, or vital force, around the abdomen, to release bockages and permit free circulation of the energy. It treats local abodminal conditions, as well as whole body problems, as in Chinese medicine, the abdomen is considered the centre of the physical body. All meridiens pass the “Hara” (lower abdomen) and may be influenced with Chi Nei Tsang techniques.


– Introduction to Vipassana mditation, two-week silent retreat in Wat Ram Poeng, a Buddhist temple outside of Chiang Mai. Daily meditation is recommended to have a highly focused mind, and a clear working brain.

– Time off in Sydney, Australia for my Christmas holidays.

January 2009

– life in the outback: visit of Port Keats, an aboriginal community near Darwin. No local healer, no Bush Doctor. Catholicism made the local medical practices illegal.

– daily practise of meditation and Chi Nei Tsang vizualisation techniques.


– Living on an aboriginal community, north of Broome in Western Australia called Beagle Bay. Meeting with the local school teachers, medical staff and Bush Medicine specialists. No local healer.

– Visit to Byron Bay of “Cockatoo Paul” a white man who has dedicated his life to learning about survival techniques for the Bush, including medicinal use of plants.


– My sister Alice updates my blog from France, as the “Great Firewall of China” prevents access and editing on my blog.

– Study Tai Chi in a school of martial arts in Yangshuo, South China and practise in the local parks with the old ladies.

– Food poisoning from local food.


– Study traditional medical massage with elderly doctors, the only ones to continue practising the traditional way. Recent graduates  use mainly double-blind, placebo-controlled medicine, i.e. Western medicine.

– Learn basic calligraphy, including how to write my new Chinese name: ma-yu-lan

The nearly definitive map (blue: previsions, red: actual travels)



Now – from June 2009: work in Fontainebleau (77300) South East of Paris, 8 rue des sablons, with Guillaume Carteau.


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