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Final days in Indonesia

The end of my travels are approaching. I will be home on the last day of May, and getting back to work on une 5th.
I decided to take a holiday before going home! The main aim is to rest and make sense of all that has happened over the last few months!
The plan is to learn to dive in the beautiful clear waters of the Gili Islands, off Lombok and surf in Bali.

So far so good, I have finished my Open Water Course and moving on to the Advanced one, before probably attempting the “rescue course”, which is all about keeping calm under water and knowing what to do in the event of an emergency.
The ocean is a wonderful place and the ability to breathe under water a dream come true. I have done some snorkelling before, using a mask and snorkel to watch the marine life from the surface. But actually being amongst the thousands of multicolored fish, swimming between the bizarre coral structures and being amazed when crossing paths with the bigger animals: turtles, sharks, squids…
After each dive, we record on our dive log all the creature we saw, so I am learning a great deal about tropical water fish.
In the morning, a run around the island is a good warm up, I follow it by a session of meditation (generally Vipassana – the one I was taught by the Buddhist Monks at Wat Ram Poeng in Thailand,  December ’08) and once underwater I use my breathing techniques to breathe efficiently and calmly. I am finding that others run out of air way before I do.

Under water, all the senses are amplified. The heart rate tends to increase, and the breathing accelerates, which consumes more oxygen. The aim is to chill out, breathe efficiently and stay under water as long as possible.
I am glad I can use the techniques I have learnt previously to make my scuba diving more enjoyable and confortable.

Gili Trawangan is a small island, the dive school a small community of friendly people, and so word that I am an osteopath got around pretty quickly… I treated the owner of the Irish bar, my dive instructor, one of the staff, and diagnosed a few other people hanging out there! It is fun to help out and it is a good preparation for going home!

Surfing is a different matter, this time it is my practise of Tai Chi which comes into play. My balance is a lot better, so once I get up on the board, I find myself riding along comfortably. I feel the strength of the wave through the board and into my feet, it is wonderful.
Tai Chi on the beach is great, despite the many people who stare at me… It is very busy even early in the morning. But that won’t stop me!

I am also preparing my return to France: boring things like taxes and insurance, and fun things like where I will live and when I will meet up with the people I love!
I am enjoying the moment, excited for the future and very much looking forward to using all I have learnt in my daily practise of osteopathy.

To give you an idea of what’s I am seeing everyday, check out these guys – we were diving in the same school, and surf -nearly- in the same place 🙂 http://vimeo.com/4679832



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