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One year ago today

… my father drove me to the Airport (and we were delayed in traffic, what stress!) and said good bye… I was leaving on my trip, my Big Project.

A year later, I reflect on my departure, on what I learned during my 8 months away. My solo nearly round-the-world trip, my life-changing experience throughout Asia and Australia.

Since I have arrived, I am working again at the practice in Fontainebleau with Guillaume Carteau (and now have my name on the door! – sorry poor picture taken with my mobile phone) at 8 rue des sablons, a quiet pedestrian area of Fontainebleau (phone number for appointments is 01 60 71 17 73)

Marjolaine Dey, at Fontainebleau

Marjolaine Dey, at Fontainebleau

I have also started teaching in a school of osteopathy in Paris: the CEESO (Centre Européen d’Enseignement Supérieur de l’Ostéopathie). It is great fun, I really enjoy spending time explaining things. I realise how passionate I am about my job, and how much I have matured since I graduated from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine. I have so many things to learn, it is very exciting.
My practice of osteopathy is evolving, with the techniques I am learning at school from my students and what I have learned in Asia. It seems I am getting good results with this approach.

I am also in the process of moving houses, to live with my boyfriend close to my work in Fontainebleau. Another good reason to be particularly happy. I have started playing the piano again, and have found a teacher close to my work. Re-reading my last post (“Home, sweet home”) I have not started playing tennis again, nor have I brushed up on my Spanish. For now, I am focusing on swimming, running and Tai Chi, as well as making myself at home, well, at home. Future travels and discoveries are in my mind, but for now I will stay put. I have committed to a year of teaching at the school.

It is wonderful to travel, especially by oneself, but I am finding it is even more fabulous to be home, surrounded by loved ones! My suitcases are empty, my backpack is resting and I am very happy in my new life within my old surroundings.



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Yesterday, I went to pick up my tickets. The travel agent talked me through them. When and where. How and what. Confirm 72 hours before departure. Arrive early for check-in. She was so incredibly excited that it made me dizzy. I held on to the desk for some grounding, held my focus on a non moving object and breathed deeply while she babbled on. The other travel agents were looking our way, as her voice seemed to get higher and higher pitched, louder and louder. It seemed like she was the one going travelling!

I held them securely between my hands walking to the car. I sat with the engine running for a few minutes, waiting for my pounding heart to settle. I placed them on my lap for the way home. I delicately placed them on my desk at home. I unfolded carefully the pieces of paper. And there they were. Paris – London – Bangkok – Sydney – Singapore – Paris. With my name on them. Of course they’re electronic tickets, directly booked with my passport number, but still.

Suddenly it made it all real. I tried to slow my brain down as it started visualing what I had done. What I had achieved to get there. I worked hard, I saved harder. I’ve been going on about this to my friends for nearly 2 years now. I created a written version of the project a year ago. What I wanted to do, approximately where I wanted to go. Now my business is closing down this coming Saturday. My last football training is tonight. I am moving from my flat, away from my flatmates in a week. I am flying away from my friends and family in 2 weeks today.

Am I scared? Not yet. I am anxious? Not either. I am excited? You bet!

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